Saturday, September 20, 2008


I feel so disappointed.  I feel like we could have really had a fine Christian candidate -- and a woman no less -- and one who would be a really good role model and leader.  But instead, her Christianity might now become a mockery.

Sarah Palin is a follower of Thomas Muthee, a pastor, and credits her success to his power of prayer.  The problem for me is that Thomas Muthee apparently believes in witches and witchcraft.  He credits himself with getting rid of a witch in Kenya through prayer.  

I believe in the power of faith and prayer, but I can't believe that Sarah Palin is bringing such notoriety to Christianity in this way.  I don't believe Christianity condones such ignorance and such cruelty.  I hope she denounces this and shows the world that Christians stand for faith and goodness and healing, rather than attacking women as if this were centuries ago.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why Aren't Sarah Palin's Kids in School?

I'm upset that Sarah Palin's kids are on the campaign trail with her instead of being in school.  Especially Bristol.  She's a senior in high school, and I think Sarah should show everyone how important graduating from high school is. Instead, she's having her campaign with her. I don't understand this. I really don't.  She's putting her campaign ahead of her kids' schooling.  

I really believe in home schooling, since so much that is taught in school these days is problematic.  But I don't think Sarah is homeschooling her kids.  She's just showing them off to the country for her benefit.  

There are some things I like about her -- the fact that she has stood up to corruption and really tried to change things in Alaska.  But I just don't respect her choices with her family.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Marriage Shouldn't Be Political

Marriage should be sacred, meaningful, and done for the right reasons.  Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, is five months pregnant.  Sarah Palin just now announced that the kids (her daughter is only 17) are getting married.  

The kids are obviously getting married just because it's important to Sarah Palin politically.  Otherwise, wouldn't they have announced their marriage before Palin was picked to be the Vice Presidential nominee?  

Once again, Sarah Palin is showing that she puts her career and her ambitions above her children.  If it's right for her daughter to get married, then she should do it.  If Sarah Palin had convinced her daughter that it was the right thing to do, that's one thing.  But instead, it looks to me like she convinced her daughter that she'd better do it for Mommy.  That's not being a good mom.

Sarah Palin, Not My Kind of Mom

Is it just me, or does Sarah Palin not have the kind of family values that we want?  I mean, she went back to work THREE DAYS after having her last baby -- and he has Down Syndrome.  I don't mean to sound un-feminist here.  I don't think a dad should leave a baby that young either.  I know some people don't have the luxury of getting to stay home with their kids.  But surely Sarah Palin could have -- since she was the most powerful woman in her state, you'd think she could have taken a little more time.  

Who's taking care of this baby? 

This isn't my idea of family values.  My idea of family values includes parents who take care of their kids, not parents who treat their kids like a side dish.  "Hey, I'll have a baby and a hot dog, and I'll see you at work tomorrow."  
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