Saturday, September 20, 2008


I feel so disappointed.  I feel like we could have really had a fine Christian candidate -- and a woman no less -- and one who would be a really good role model and leader.  But instead, her Christianity might now become a mockery.

Sarah Palin is a follower of Thomas Muthee, a pastor, and credits her success to his power of prayer.  The problem for me is that Thomas Muthee apparently believes in witches and witchcraft.  He credits himself with getting rid of a witch in Kenya through prayer.  

I believe in the power of faith and prayer, but I can't believe that Sarah Palin is bringing such notoriety to Christianity in this way.  I don't believe Christianity condones such ignorance and such cruelty.  I hope she denounces this and shows the world that Christians stand for faith and goodness and healing, rather than attacking women as if this were centuries ago.

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