Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin, Not My Kind of Mom

Is it just me, or does Sarah Palin not have the kind of family values that we want?  I mean, she went back to work THREE DAYS after having her last baby -- and he has Down Syndrome.  I don't mean to sound un-feminist here.  I don't think a dad should leave a baby that young either.  I know some people don't have the luxury of getting to stay home with their kids.  But surely Sarah Palin could have -- since she was the most powerful woman in her state, you'd think she could have taken a little more time.  

Who's taking care of this baby? 

This isn't my idea of family values.  My idea of family values includes parents who take care of their kids, not parents who treat their kids like a side dish.  "Hey, I'll have a baby and a hot dog, and I'll see you at work tomorrow."  

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